Make meal times fun with the KONG Wobbler – review

Puppy playing with KONG Wobbler


Name: KONG Wobbler

Manufacturer: KONG

Purpose: Food dispenser

Material: Plastic

Price: $20 (large)

Cheapest place to buy:

Rating: 9/10

What is the KONG Wobbler?

Does your dog scoff down its food and feel sick afterwards? Or does your dog easily get bored needing more enrichment? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the KONG Wobbler is an ideal toy for your dog.

The KONG Wobbler is a plastic food dispenser toy that is filled with your dog’s food and designed to dispense food when it is moved in specific ways. Figuring out how to move the KONG Wobbler to make food fall out, makes your dog work for its food forcing it to eat at a slower pace. The KONG Wobbler also provides great mind enrichment for your dog as thinking is required to get the food to come out.

How does the KONG Wobbler work? Kong wobbler food dispenser

The KONG Wobbler is shaped like a cone and it has a rounded base that is heavier than the top side forcing the KONG Wobbler always to tilt back to an upright position. On one side of the KONG Wobbler there is a hole where food falls out.

To use the KONG Wobbler, the bottom is first screwed off and the KONG Wobbler is then filled with your dog’s food. For example, it is possible to give your dog its full meal in the KONG Wobbler, which means you then simply fill the KONG Wobbler with your dog’s normal food (such as dry kibble).

Once you’ve filled the KONG Wobbler with food, give it to your dog. Your dog will try different ways to make food fall out, such as hitting and touching the KONG Wobbler with its nose or paws. This touching action will make the KONG Wobbler tilt and spin and food fly out.

The shape of the KONG Wobbler is designed so that the movements are unpredictable, which keeps your dog curious and interested in the KONG Wobbler. Watching your dog play with the KONG Wobbler will also keep you very entertained!

Who is the KONG Wobbler suitable for?

The KONG Wobbler is suitable for any dog. The KONG Wobbler comes in two sizes: small (fits 1/2 cup of food) and large (fits 1 cup of food), so you can choose an appropriate size according to your dog’s food needs.

As the KONG Wobbler requires novel thinking, some dogs might not be interested in it. I heard from one puppy owner that their puppy couldn’t figure out how the KONG Wobbler worked so it got bored with it and lost interest. However, dogs and dog breeds are different and some love mind games being ideal users of the KONG Wobbler.

Puppy and Kong wobbler

If you’ve purchased a KONG Wobbler and your dog doesn’t show interest in it, you can try filling the KONG Wobbler with extra yummy treats to stimulate your dog’s interest.

What you should know before buying the KONG Wobbler

To use the KONG Wobbler, your dog should ideally be a food lover as if your dog is a picky eater or not highly interested in food, it is unlikely to put in any effort to get food to come out.

When using the KONG Wobbler, make sure your dog has plenty of space to play with it as the KONG Wobbler can easily get stuck under furniture or in corners of the room while your dog is pushing it around. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on your dog when they’re playing with the KONG Wobbler so that you can help free the toy if it gets stuck.

If you give your dog the KONG Wobbler just as a treat and not as a means to deliver an actual meal, be sure not to over feed your dog. It is possible to  fit quite a lot of food in the KONG Wobbler, so overfeeding with treats can easily happen.

If you let your dog play with the KONG Wobbler on a rough surface, such as on outdoor tiles, the plastic surface of the KONG Wobbler might wear. This is mainly a cosmetic issue and shouldn’t cause any harm for your dog.

Personal experience with the KONG Wobbler

My puppy is a beagle x cavalier cross and because of his beagle side, he used to scoff down his food as a very young puppy. Because of this, my puppy would occasionally throw up his food so to sort out the eating issue, I started looking at solutions to slow down my puppy’s eating. This is when I came across the KONG Wobbler.

I purchased a small KONG Wobbler as this was a suitable size at the time. Since then my puppy has grown a lot and could probably do with a large KONG Wobbler if I wanted to feed him a full meal in one go.

When I gave my puppy the KONG Wobbler he initially couldn’t figure it out and adorably cried out a couple of times because of frustration. I gave my puppy a small demonstration of how the KONG Wobbler tilts and moves and after this my puppy started playing with the KONG Wobbler himself and got the hang of it. My puppy then thought the KONG Wobbler was the best thing ever as it was a cool new toy that spat out food!

My puppy eventually became so good with the KONG Wobbler that he would do, what I call, “multi-tasking”. Basically my puppy would tilt the KONG Wobbler with one paw to get some food to fall out and while he was eating the food on the floor, he would simultaneously tip the KONG Wobbler to dispense even more food out (although he was still eating the first lot!). I thought this was hilarious.

Since the early days my puppy has slowed down his eating and I don’t need to use the KONG Wobbler on a daily basis. However, the KONG Wobbler definitely solved my puppy’s eating issues and it was (and still is) an excellent toy to keep my puppy occupied providing some extra fun to his day.

My recommendation

I highly recommend the KONG Wobbler especially for fast eaters and highly active dogs that require brain games. The product is good quality, it does the job it promises and it comes at a good price so it is worth the investment.

You can get your own KONG Wobbler from this link.

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