Endura Flap Dog Door – A versatile dog door made to last


A doggie door is a great way to provide outdoor access for your dog. However, dog doors can be challenging to install, may be limited in where they can be fitted and may not provide enough insulation in harsh weather environments. A great product in the dog door field is the Endura Flap dog door. This dog door not only provides an excellent range of versatility in terms of installation, but it also addresses a number of challenges associated with dog doors.

Endura Flap – A dog door made to last

The benefit of a doggie door is giving your dog the freedom to access the outdoors without needing you to open the door. However, a dog door can come with a few challenges that should be considered:

  • Installing a dog door can be challenging and limited to only a few specific locations in the house
  • In a cold/hot climate, a dog door can significantly compromise the insulation of the house
  • A dog door might wear quickly in harsh weather conditions, such as rain, wind and sun
  • If a dog door is made from hard material, it can be uncomfortable for your dog open with its face

The Endura Flap dog door is designed to address the most common challenges associated with dog doors.

With its great design and versatility, the Endura Flap has these great features:

  • It comes in multiple different designs allowing it to be installed in walls, doors, windows and sliding doors
  • It has a flexible and clear flap that is soft and safe for your dog to use and the frame is made from durable aluminium
  • It contains magnets along the side and bottom of the door ensuring maximum sealability of the flap and protection against weather and critters

Wind resistance Endura Flap

  • The Endura Flap is slightly thicker than dual pane glass providing a great level of insulation
  • The flap is treated with a UV retardant to protect against damaging sun rays, which can lead to discoloration, hardening and chipping
  • The flap is made from a polyolefin-based material, which remains flexible up to -40f. Most dog doors are made from vinyl, which goes stiff in the cold and is prone to breaking. Polyolefin is also environmentally friendly and recyclable, unlike vinyl.


In summary, what makes the Endura Flap dog door superior to many other dog doors is that it is durable, well-designed to maintain insulation and comfortable and safe for your dog to use. Sounds good, right?

Another major advantage of the Endura Flap dog door is that it can be installed almost anywhere in the house. Let’s discuss the different designs of the Endura Flap more specifically.

Endura Flap for doors and kennels

If you want to install your doggie door to a door or, such as the main house door or a kennel door, your choice is the Endura Flap for doors.

The Endura Flap Door Mount is designed to be installed on a various different types of door cores and materials, such as a solid core, hollow core, metal doors and storm doors.


With the great design of the Endura Flap, it greatly seals against the outside weather when the flap is closed. The closed Endura Flap minimizes the escape of heated or air-conditioned indoor air to the outside and the entering of hot or cold outdoor air to the inside.

For better insulation, there is also Endura Flap Double Flap Door Mount available, which contains a double flap, providing better protection against wind and the outside weather.


Both door mount options come with a locking cover that can be slid in from the top to ensure extra security, for example at nighttime or when you’re away.

The Endura Flap Kennel Dog Doors is a slightly more simple design, designed specifically to be used in kennels and dog houses.


Get your Endura Flap for doors from the links below:

Endura Flap Door Mount Pet Door starting from $280

Endura Flap Kennel Dog Door starting from $350

Endura Flap Double Flap Door Mount Pet Door starting from $400

Endura Flap for sliding glass doors

The Endura Flap for sliding glass doors has a great design that eliminates any need for tools for installation. This dog door comes in an adjustable panel that fits into a range of different sized gaps.

The Endura Flap for sliding glass doors comes in two designs: Thermo Panel 3E and Quick Panel 3. Both designs have the Endura Flap dog door built in it and an aluminum frame. The difference is that the Thermo Panel 3E (pictured below) contains dual pane glass, while the Quick Panel 3 has single plane glass.


Thus, the Thermo Panel 3E is more suitable for extreme weather conditions, but the Quick Panel 3 (pictured below) is lighter and easier to move. Both are non-permanent dog door solutions and can be easily removed and re-installed.


Get your Endura Flap for sliding doors from the links below:

Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3E starting from $520

Endura Flap Quick Panel 3 starting from $520

Endura Flap for windows

Excitingly, the Endura Flap can also be installed in windows. The Endura Flap Thermo-Sash 3E Sash Window Pet Door can be installed in a sash window with no permanent modifications to the window.


The pet door designed for windows comes in dual pane glass to protect your home from the outside weather.

Although the Endura Flap for windows might be more suitable for cats, it might come into use for dog owners if you have low-lying windows in your home.

Get your Endura Flap for windows from the link below:

Endura Flap Thermo-Sash 3E Sash Window Pet Door starting from $510

Endura Flap for walls

If you don’t have the opportunity to install a dog door in any of your doors or windows, there is also an Endura Flap option available that can be installed in walls. It’s good to remember that patching up a wall is easier than patching up a door, which is useful if you need to remove the doggie door.

The Endura Flap Wall Mount Pet Door comes as a single flap and a double flap option. Similarly, to the previously described designs, the double flap will protect your home from extreme weather conditions, such as high speed wind.


However, the single flap may be more suitable for small or timid dogs as the opening of a single flap requires less strength than a double flap.


Similarly to the Endura Flap for doors, the wall mount dog door also comes with a locking cover for extra security at nighttime or if you’re away. For single flap doors the locking door is placed on the interior side and with the double flap door the locking door can be placed on either side.

Get your Endura Flap for walls from the links below:

Endura Flap Single Flap Wall Mount Pet Door starting from $380

Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door starting from $440

Replacement parts and installation

In case any repairs are needed, a range of replacement parts are available for the Endura Flap dog doors, which you can find through this link.

In addition, a range of installation videos are available for your convenience, for installing the Endura Flap to doors, sliding doors, windows and walls.

With this great product, you can provide a new sense of freedom to your dog without having to compromise the safety or insulation of your house.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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