Best dog bed ideas to meet all sleeping needs


Dogs sleep on average 16 hours per day, so with this much sleep it is important to provide a comfortable and safe sleeping space for your dog. There are ton of different dog bed options available and in this review I’ve listed some of my favorite dog bed ideas to meet all sleeping needs.

For comfort-seekers

Different dog breeds and personalities like to sleep in different ways. Some dogs are true comfort-seekers, meaning they love to curl up into a ball and snuggle in a cozy bed. These type of dogs need a bed that is designed for comfort-seekers.

Dream Chaser Donut Bed

This cozy donut-shaped bed is ideal for small to medium dogs (up to 25 lbs), who enjoy nesting and a feeling of safety while sleeping. The Dream Chaser Donut bed provides excellent comfort for little furry friends that love to snuggle.

This bed is made from 100% polyester and the bed is filled with 100% post consumer recycled poly-fiber. The sides and bottom of the bed are made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester. The bed is machine washable using a cold & gentle cycle. The soft lining of the bed is ideal for comfort-seekers.

Dream chaser donut dog bed

The Dream Chaser Donut Bed comes in charcoal or cream color and both colors in my opinion look very stylish so they’ll make a nice addition as part of home decor.

You can get this cozy bed for only $29.99.

OrthoComfort Deep Dish Comfort

The OrthoComfort Deep Dish Comfor Bed is a great choice for comfort-seekers, providing warmth and security for small to medium dogs (up to 25 lbs). The bed has high walls to ensure a safe and a snug feeling for your sleeping dog.

What I like about this bed is its design, it truly looks like a cozy place to be with high walls surrounding the little sleeping nest. The back wall of the bed is higher than the other walls to provide extra support. The bed is covered in super soft Sherpa fabric and it is filled with virgin AirLOFT fibers, keeping the bed softer for longer.


To protect your floors, the bottom is made from tough nylon which is water-resistant. The bed is machine washable and dryable, allowing to keep it clean.

A great thing about this bed is that it comes in a variety of colors, including but not limited to, beige, black, brown, fuchsia, pink and teal, so you’ll be sure to find a color you like!

The price of this bed is really great as you can get this comfy dog bed for only $19.99.

Burrow beds

Some dog breeds have a habit of burrowing underneath blankets or sheets while sleeping. For these types of dogs burrow beds provide and ideal sense of comfort and safety.

3-in-1 Cream Burrow Dog Bed

The 3-in-1 Cream Burrow Dog Bed provides coziness and a safe feeling for dogs that love to burrow underneath blankets etc. I grew up with Miniature Pinschers and they would’ve loved a bed like this as they always burrowed underneath various things to sleep. I find that especially small breed dogs love to burrow, probably for the fact that they then feel warm and safe.

This burrow dog bed performs as a blanket and a bed at the same time. Once the bed is laid on the floor, your dog can choose whether it wants to lay on top of it, burrow inside the bed or snuggle in the bed.

Burrow bed for dogs

The bed is made from 100% polyester and is machine washable to keep it nice and clean.

I also find the look of this bed very stylish so it will suit a common area well, such as the living room, while not taking up too much space. If you have a little burrower, this bed is ideal for them.

This bed is available for $39.99.

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Orthopedic Round Snuggery Burrow Bed

The Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Orthopedic Round Snuggery Burrow Bed provides a great design for little burrowers and comfort-seekers. The bed consists of a round base and a soft loose top cover, under which the dog can burrow. This top cover provides a safe feeling for dogs who love to sleep underneath a blanket in peace.

The base of the bed is filled with orthopedic foam, providing a soft and stable base for your dog to sleep on. The bed is lined with cream color faux-sheepskin, providing a soft sleeping surface.

Round snuggery burrow bed

A great feature of this bed is a plastic loop which surrounds the bed “entrance”. The plastic loop makes it easier for your dog to find the entrance of the soft top cover to burrow underneath it. However, if preferred, the plastic loop can easily be removed. The top cover is also removable and machine washable.

The bed comes in two sizes, the smaller size has a 26″ base (26″ x 26″ x 3.5″) and the larger size has a 35″ base (35″ x 35″ x 3.5″). Thus, the bed is ideal for small to large dogs (up to 50 lbs).The bed also comes in a range of colors, including but not limited to espresso, blue, pink and cream.

You can get this bed for just $24.99.

Luxury memory foam beds

If you’re the owner of a large or a very large dog, you might have to invest in a quality bed that supports your dog’s posture. To protect your dog’s joints, it is important to make sure your dog’s bed is soft, but firm to prevent any pressure pain.

These two bed options listed below are excellent choices for large dogs. They come at a higher price than the previously listed beds, however consider it as an investment in your dog’s health and well-being.

JOYELF Memory foam dog bed

This memory foam bed has several excellent features that make it a top choice for any dog owner: the memory foam base will guarantee a comfortable sleep for your dog, materials used in this bed are flame retardant, water- and tear-resistant and the bed comes with a squeaky toy gift!

The great thing about memory foam is that it provides comfort for big and heavy dogs that generally squish their sleeping surface. The bottom of the bed has nonslip rubber backing and it is water resistant to prevent any accidents. The sides of the bed are made from water- and tear-resistant material to minimize wear and tear. The bed is surrounded by a bolster filled with breathable PP cotton, providing a soft area for your dog to rest its head.

JOYELF orthopedic dog bed

The cover is removable to allow easy cleaning and the zipper for the top cover is hidden for a more stylish look. The bed measures 38″ x 28″ x 8″ making it an ideal size for medium to large dogs.

As a bonus you get a bone-shaped squeaker toy for your dog so this bed will provide your dog double the fun!

The price for the large bed is $71.99.

Luxury All Seasons 7 inch Gel Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

This dog bed is truly a luxury item for large dogs. This dog bed is made from gel memory foam and supports dogs up to 300 lbs (136 kg) so it’s suitable for the very big ones too.

At one end of the bed there is a gel memory foam pillow, where the dog can rest its head. The covers are washable and the insides are made from three layers of memory foam, with the top surface being gel memory foam, the middle layer core memory foam and the bottom layer medical grade foundation foam.

Luxuey gel memory foam orthopedic dog bed

The manufacturer states that the top layer formed by gel memory foam is designed so that it keeps your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The top layer also shapes around your dogs body minimizing pressure points. The second and last layers of foam on the other hand keep the bed firm and prevent sinking of the bed, which is common with large dogs.

The bed is specifically designed for large breeds, which have more of a requirement for support. The bed comes in three sizes: large (48″ x 30″ x 7″), extra large (52″ x 36″ x 7″) and “massive” (68″x 48″ x7″).

What I like about this bed is that you can put a water resistant or waterproof liner under the top cover to protect from any accidents. In addition, the cover is machine washable, meaning you can keep your dog’s bed nice and clean for a long time to come.

The price for the bed starts at $495.95 and it comes with a lifetime warranty. An excellent investment for your large breed dog.

Sleep tight

I hope this review gave you some good ideas on different dog bed types. By providing your dog a comfortable and safe bed to sleep on will be a great investment in your dog’s happiness and well-being.

If you have any questions or comments about this review, please comment below and I’ll be happy to get back to you.

To many happy barks & walks (& sleeps),